The Essence Wand

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The Essence Wand is a modular structure of filters soaked with essential oils. This is a smell design object, intended not for external stimulation but for management of eating habits and disorders. The smell is recognised by a colour ring marking the top of each module. This is an allusion to synesthesia (Ancient Greek – simultaneous sense, joint sense) – when stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

The pen-resembling shape of the Essential Wand has been selected due to its compatibility and intuitive experience of use. The cap clip can be attached to a binder or a shirt pocket, also prevents from falling off a surface. The threads at the bottom of each module allow the user to add up or reduce the number of modules, change their sequence.

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Photos by Lauryna Narkeviciute, video by Robert Muravskij, music by Jokubas Tulaba.

– “Art Cell” participant, Exhibition hall Titanikas, Vilnius, 2016;
– Silver in European Product Design Award 2016, “The Essence Wand”.

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