FeetSee™ Medical Device

FeetSee™ medical device, camera and case designed for UAB Diabetis

FeetSee is a medical device for periodic evaluation of the temperature over the soles of the feet for signs of inflammation. FeetSee monitors your feet and indicates when a patient and her/his healt provider should communicate for further evaluation and treatment.
Around 10% of people with diabetes at some point develop a foot ulcer. Every 30 seconds a lower limb or a part of a lower limb is lost to amputation as a consequence of diabetes. Catching a sore early and acting on it can go a long way in preventing major problems.

How to Use

Connect your smartphone or tablet to FeetSee app, insert the Feetsee camera and put them on the Feetsee stand. Place your feet on the stand and wait for the results if signs of inflammation were detected or not. FeetSee™ – wellness for your feet. To learn more please visit feetsee.us.