Rugs for HM&T

BANGUOTI, GULTI, KRISTI – jacquard woven area rugs of three designs, three colours and three different sizes created for Hamilton Macphee & Tonbridge. Made of durable dense stain-resistant material that provides a comfortable softness underfoot while adding a protective cotton layer between the rug and floor.

“While creating the rugs I was thinking of Lithuanian forests, golden fields and pure beauty – the seaside. I always walk barefoot in these places and I want to convey this feeling through design.”

Small: 92 x 152 cm, medium: 122 x 182 cm, large: 153 x 244 cm. Materials: 100% polyester, cotton backing. Machine woven, hand bound. Purchase the rugs & find out more @ HM&T.

Pictures by Deimantė Dubauskaitė.