U1 & U2 benches

Stripped of unnecessary details U1 & U2 benches created for daughter’s first birthday. Just as my dad gave me a sculpture made in my childhood to take with me when moving out of the house, perhaps these benches will become a part of my new creative tradition.

Shapes are inspired by the bench used in my grandparents’ house for weeding garden. The cushions are designed so that when the sides are lifted – play area appears, when dropped down – a cave to hide toys until next time. It’s like playing under a table with blankets dropped down. The grooves at the top of the benches are made to accommodate rubber band so that the cushions do not slip easily. Rubber bands from grandmother’s drawer, were a part of my childhood games.

A small bench can also serve as an impromptu footstool for adults, the larger one – for short rest in the hallway or bedroom.

Crafted from pine, treated with natural oil, made in two sizes (320x180x160 mm, 700x300x200 mm), two shades of a wool fabric, rubber bands.